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     FDA approval of a new weight loss medication

  • We are also thrilled to announce that the FDA has now approved Mounjaro (Tirzepatide) for weight loss. It has a new name however – Zepbound.
    • Both Mounjaro and Zepbound are chemically the same medication (Tirzepatide), but Mounjaro is approved for Type II Diabetes and Zepbound for weight loss.
  • This approval will mark a major milestone in the fight against obesity, providing another powerful tool for those struggling to manage their weight.
  • According to Eli Lilly, maker of Zepbound, it is expected to be available in pharmacies after Thanksgiving.
  • Click on link below for more information including information on a savings cardhttps://www.zepbound.lilly.com


Physicians Premiere Weight & Wellness Center

7564 Gardner Park Drive
Gainesville, VA 20155

Welcome to Our Practice

“Commitment to Excellence”


Our Mission:

  • Provide individualized, up to date evidence-based treatment plans for individuals with excess weight or obesity.
  • Address weight stigma and self-blame by increasing awareness that obesity is a serious chronic disease, just like heart disease and cancer, and should be treated as such.
  • Ensure that each and every patient is treated with dignity and respect within a caring environment.


Our Vision:

  • To be an unmatched leader in the field of obesity medicine that provides individualized, compassionate care with high quality outcomes and the best patient experience.
Northern Virginia Top Doctors Magazine 2017 Certificate
Obesity certification from American board of obesity medicine


**Did you know that there is only ONE obesity medicine physician for every 50,000 people?**



BMI is your body mass index. It is a number based on your height and weight. We help our patients achieve a healthy BMI which is important for good health.  Click below to determine your BMI.


Good nutrition is vital to the treatment and prevention of many diseases. We use the science behind nutrition and teach cooking that is healthy, simple, and flavorful. Let’s bridge the gap between food and medicine!


Exercising helps to maintain the weight we lose, and is vital for overall wellness. At our fitness studio, we will guide you on how to exercise in a healthy, safe, and effective manner.


Healthy weight is important to reduce risk for many chronic diseases. Having excess weight is the root of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, joint pains, sleep apnea, and even a growing list of cancers. So let’s focus on getting to the root of the problem by achieving a healthy weight so we improve quality of life. After all, good health is priceless.
Dentist writing down patient's info

What Makes Us Different

Dentist writing down patient's info

What Makes Us Different

helping you achieve your weight and wellness goal

Meet the Physician

Trupti B. Patel, MD

Board certified in Family Medicine and Obesity Medicine

Dr. Patel and her staff are committed to providing only top quality care.  Dr. Patel is an expert in obesity medicine with over 25 years of experience in primary care. She and her team take an individualized approach to each and every patient and are committed to helping them reach their goals for health and wellness.


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