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Premiere Teaching Kitchen

Premiere Teaching Kitchen
Premiere Teaching Kitchen

Bridging the gap between food and medicine

The foods that we regularly eat often determine whether or not we will become ill, or remain healthy into older age. There is an endless list of diseases (i.e. diabetes, heart disease, some cancers) that are highly influenced by our daily diet. Clean, healthy eating is linked to prevention of many of these diseases. 

With a dramatic rise of obesity worldwide and its associated diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer just to name a few, the concept of “food is medicine” is very powerful. In fact, weight loss is at least 80% diet. 

Our teaching kitchen provides hands-on education in basic nutritious cooking techniques. Our goal is to teach the concepts of clean, healthy eating using high quality ingredients to

Create nutritious, delicious, easy-to-make meals to fit any budget. Our kitchen is designed for many groups, including children of all ages, i.e K-12, college students, patients, health professionals, community members, retirees, veterans, etc. 

The Premiere Teaching Kitchen is a fully equipped kitchen which allows participants to learn to prepare foods that lead to a healthy lifestyle and weight management. Classes are overseen by Dr. Patel and led by expert chefs well versed in the art of healthy cooking. Participants can learn hands-on cooking techniques needed to make a delicious, nutritious, and cost effective meal.

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