Premiere Teaching Kitchen

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Bridging the gap between food and medicine

At the Premiere Teaching Kitchen, we want to help you explore the link between food and health.  Science has shown us the strong connection between what we eat and how we feel.

Making good food choices can decrease the severity of a number of diseases and even lower the risk of developing many diseases in the first place.

Obesity has reached epidemic levels in the US and worldwide. It is in large part due many dietary factors such as poor food choices, increased portions, and increase intake of bad fats and sugars. Having excess weight is often the root cause of many chronic diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acid reflux disease, joint pains).  It also increases the risk for many cancers.

The impact of food on health and longevity is obvious.  The medical world has given us great medications and treatments for so many diseases.  But, it is vital to add good nutrition, which is crucial in both disease treatment and prevention.

Our teaching kitchen does not focus on fads or supplements or unfounded claims about cure-alls.  Rather, we rely on evidence-based information. We take the scientific research on nutrition and show you how to apply it to your daily cooking.

Healthy, nutritious cooking should be affordable, simple, delicious, and not intimidating.

Let’s Bring the Doctor to Your Kitchen!

Please call our offices at 703-783-5673 and 571-561-3400 for more information on class schedule and content.