The Premiere Program

How to Get Motivated to Start Your Weight Loss Journey

A successful comprehensive weight loss program uses four components:  Medical, Nutritional, Behavioral, and Physical Activity.  

Our program is medically supervised. We focus on achieving a healthy weight and keeping it off.

We treat both adults and children.

Our program is safe, effective, and affordable and customized to your individual needs.

Whether you have 10 lbs or 100 lbs to lose, we will help you achieve it. Once you reach your goal, we will help you to keep it off!

We prescribe FDA-approved weight loss medications.

We avoid “gimmicks” and “fad diets”. Our program is led by a physician who is board-certified in family medicine and obesity medicine. Our program is evidence-based. We rely on the latest scientific research when making recommendations. We use state of the art equipment like body composition analysis and metabolic rate testing to obtain data that we can use to guide you in your weight loss journey.

The Four Phases of our Program:

1. Medical Assessment:

* History, medical exam. EKG, and bloodwork.

* Body Composition Analysis: Using bio-impedance technology, we will determine your muscle mass, fat mass, visceral fat mass, fluid status, and much more.

* Metabolic Rate Testing: Using indirect calorimetry, we will determine your metabolic rate (whether fast or slow) so we can determine precise calorie goals for weight loss and maintenance. This test is covered by all major insurance plans.

2. Weight loss:

*Our medical team, which includes a physician, registered dietitian, health coach, and exercise physiologist, will work with you to form a customized weight loss plans that incorporates healthy, realistic dietary changes that makes weight loss easier and more achievable. Whatever dietary restrictions you may have, we will work with you one-on-one to formulate a plan that works for you.

* We also offer our Premiere Meal Plans which includes a variety of delicious, nutritious medical meals. These medically formulated products are, safe and highly effective in achieving your weight loss goal. During this phase, we will work with you one-on-one to help develop skills, behaviors, and attitudes to support a lifestyle of balanced healthy eating.

* Weight Loss Medications: Dr. Patel prescribes only FDA approved weight loss medications, as well as other prescription medications that can help and enhance weight loss and metabolic rate balance. These medications are optional and prescribed only if necessary, based on individual needs and goals.

3. Adaptation:

* As you are close to reaching your goal weight, we will continue to modify your dietary plan and guide you in incorporating physical activity into the plan. If you are on one of our Premiere Meal Plans, we will start to transition you from medical meals to the incorporation of healthy prepared meals.

4. Maintenance:

* We will provide ongoing support to help you maintain the weight loss that you worked hard to achieve. Our team will continue to provide one-on-one individualized nutritional, behavioral, and exercise counseling so you can keep the weight off!


We accept all major medical insurances, including Medicare.