Wellness is a concept with roots that extend far back in pre-history. More than simple good physical health, wellness encompasses a concept of well-being that includes preventative care, self-healing, spiritual, and medical balance. Here at Physicians Premiere Weight & Wellness Center, we help patients pursue a holistic level of health and wellness by building techniques and habits that last a lifetime.

What Is Wellness?

Wellness has been defined as activities and lifestyle choices that help to promote a holistic state of health. Wellness is an active pursuit of improved health and emotional well being, driven by intention and motivation. Wellness is also holistic in nature, including multiple dimensions of physical, mental, and emotional health, working in balance with one another. Wellness is also a personal pursuit, one that requires the patient to take an active role in their overall health. This includes cultivating an environment conducive to social, physical, and cultural balance.

Happiness, health, and wellbeing are not the same as wellness. Each of them shares common elements with wellness, but are static rather than dynamic and fluid in nature. Awareness is an intrinsic part of wellness, allowing the patient to observe changes and make choices that promote their own progress towards this goal.

What Is The Difference Between Wellbeing and Wellness?

Wellbeing and wellness are similar concepts but are not the same. happiness, wellbeing, and wellness are frequently used by media, businesses, and researchers. Wellbeing and happiness are a perception of your state of being and involves prominent mental and emotional elements. Satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment are often considered intrinsic to Happiness and wellbeing. These are all perceptions of your current state, rather than being an active and dynamic one. Wellness, on the other hand, involves activities, action, and intent to promote whole body and mind health. This includes choices related to market offerings and lifestyle choices that promote health.

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How Can The Physicians Premiere Weight & Wellness Center Help Me Achieve Wellness?

Our team of wellness experts will provide you with guidance on your path. Our focus is on promoting your physical health by providing you with techniques that help promote an environment and lifestyle that is conducive to promoting wellness. We teach our patients how to manage their weight in healthy ways, tackle physical health concerns, and make healthy choices that will lead to better physical and emotional health.

If you’re looking to learn techniques to help you begin your road to wellness, call Physicians Premiere Weight & Wellness Center at 703-783-5673 to schedule your appointment. During your visit, you’ll undergo a full medical exam that includes a full exploration of your hopes and goals for wellness. We’re proud to be working in Ashburn area providing wellness counseling and treatment services, and look forward to seeing you join our patient family. Call or stop by our office at 21035 Sycolin Rd, Suite 180 in Ashburn, VA, to begin your journey to good health and wellness wellness today!