How to Stick to Your Weight Loss Plan When Traveling

How to Stick to Your Weight Loss Plan When Traveling

A change in routine while traveling can really derail your weight loss efforts.  Here are 5 tips to keep you on track!

Traveling for business or pleasure is a part of life. However, it can cause anxiety – especially if you are on a weight loss plan.  At Physicians Premiere Weight and Wellness Center, Dr. Trupti Patel often emphasizes to her patients that during times of travel, focus on maintaining weight rather than losing weight. This tends to take some of the pressure off.  In fact, weight maintenance during a vacation means success.

As soon as you return from travel, then you can get back on your weight loss plan.

When traveling, your choice of accommodation will have a huge impact on your eating habits. For example, you’ll have a hard time eating well if you’re stuck in a small hotel room without a microwave or fridge or if you are staying far away from restaurants and food stores with healthy options.

Here are some tried and true tips to help you stick to your weight loss (or maintenance) plan when traveling:

  1. Look for healthier options at spots along the way such as airports, gas stations, and hotel buffets.  Search out a healthy breakfast. Omelets and oatmeal are good go-to options. Stick to fresh foods as much as possible and try to stray from the processed temptations.

  1. Drinking water not only replenishes the fluids in your body, it keeps your skin hydrated, reduces junk-food cravings and helps fend off that bloated feeling from fluid retention. You can also pack your own tea bags for a treat since you can usually find hot water anywhere.
  2. Scope out local grocery stores wherever you are staying. On your first day of a trip, buy some fresh veggies, fruit and other items you can prepare in your hotel. Yogurt is another great option if you have a mini fridge in your room.
  3. Research the area you’ll be staying online. Search for restaurants nearby your hotel.  Be sure to check out their menus online and see which restaurants offer healthy options that look good to you. Try to prepare as many meals as you can or prepare yourself when having sit-down meals by looking at the menus ahead of time. Making decisions before you go tends to lead to healthier choices in the moment.
  4. Before eating, eyeball your plate and make sure ¾ of it is composed of protein and veggies and ¼ carbohydrates. As for snacks, look at the nutrition label and select ones that have protein values greater than or equal to the carbohydrate content.

We love helping our patients navigate any and all barriers to long-term weight loss success.  For more tips to help you live a healthier life or to get started on your weight loss journey, please visit