How to Get Motivated to Start Your Weight Loss Journey

How to Get Motivated to Start Your Weight Loss Journey

It’s time to overcome your lack of motivation to lose weight. You know you want to shed pounds and you have an on the changes you need to make to reach your goal. But you also know that getting and staying on track can be very daunting, especially if there is lack of motivation. Here are some tips to get yourself ready and motivated to start your weight loss program.

First, have a mission statement. By that I mean understand why you want to lose weight. Make it as specific as possible. Write it down and keep it somewhere that is easily visible. And throughout your journey, when you start to lose some of the motivation, remind yourself of the reason you began the journey. This will allow you to refocus.

Second, start logging in a food diary. You can also use some popular app like myfitnesspal or LoseIt. Tracking your food intake can make you feel more in control of your eating habits, which can lead to more motivation for you to make small changes.  Set small goals that are not related to a number on the scale.

For example, switch out your afternoon soda with sparkling water, or go for a walk after dinner, or add a side of veggies to your meals. Don’t overwhelm yourself, make sure to set small goals.

Remember that falling off track is inevitable—so instead of letting it defeat you, use it as a learning experience. Try to figure out what led you to slip up, and then figure out how you can keep it from happening again.  If you went overboard on calories and carbs on a certain day, then have fewer calories and more protein and veggies the next day.

Third, set small goals. Setting big or unrealistic goals can backfire. Setting a high weight loss goal for yourself can discourage you from hitting that goal. For example, losing 25 pounds in three months seems like a tough goal. But losing one to three pounds per week over the course of three months seems more doable. In the end, it is the same amount of weight loss.

Fourth, weigh yourself daily. Studies show that those who step on the scale every day have a greater chance of weight loss. However, it is important to also not get distracted by the number staring back at you.  Give yourself a 3-5-pound day to day weight fluctuation. Besides weighing yourself daily, make sure to take a picture of yourself regularly to document your progress. Again, studies show that people who did this were more likely to reach their weight loss goals, especially since lot of weight loss is about body image.

And fifth, one of the best ways to stay motivated is to reward yourself without food. When you reach a specific goal, you may treat yourself to an afternoon off and maybe a massage. Find something non-food related that makes you happy and set it up as a reward for reaching small goals along the way.

So, the bottom line is that the weight loss journey is not easy, and trying to stay motivated is the hardest part. But remember to remind yourself of why you started the journey in the first place. Think about the health benefits of reaching your goal weight.  A healthier weight means decreasing your risks for so many chronic illnesses. A healthy you is priceless.

At Physicians Weight and Wellness Center, our passion is helping our patients overcome barriers to successful weight loss and ending their yo-yo weigh loss cycle.  We would love to help you as well.