How Apple and Pear Body Shapes Can Affect Weight Loss and Your Health

Apple Vs Pear

Understanding your body shape could help you find a more effective weight loss and workout plan, which in turn, can help improve your overall health.

There are so many factors that can determine body type such as genetics, lifestyle, gender and age.  Some people can eat fried foods and junk every day but never gain weight.  Some people tend to accumulate weight around the hip, and others on their belly.

Let’s look at the two more common body shapes:  Apple and Pear

An apple body shape is associated with a higher risk for health issues.  It is related to more fat in the abdominal area.  A larger waist size can mean higher risk for Type II diabetes and heart disease.  If you are apple-shaped, but not overweight – meaning your BMI is under 25 – you are still at higher risk for health disease.

So why is fat in your belly region more dangerous than fat in other areas?

  1. It occurs dep within your abdominal cavity and fills the space between your organs.
  2. Belly fat has a stronger influence on your metabolism.
  3. It can cause metabolic syndrome that can affect your pancreas.
  4. The result is your blood sugar stays high which puts you at risk for diabetes.

The solution to apple shaped bodies lies in dietary and lifestyle changes.  Reducing processed carbs such as sugar, bread, bagels, white rice, pizza, and potatoes has a significant impact.  Add in vegetables, lean protein, and good fats in your diet. And, exercise at least 150 minutes per week, combining both cardio and strength.

A pear-shaped body is associated with excess fat being stored in the hip and thigh areas.  While still not ideal, the good news for those that have this body shape is that you are at a lower risk for developing many of the conditions related to those who are apple-shaped.

Whether you are apple or pear shaped, excess weight is not healthy.  Unfortunately, weight gain often comes with age.  Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle is the best way to slow down weight gain.

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