Dr. Trupti Patel’s Plan for Long-Term Weight Loss

Dr. Trupti Patel’s Plan for Long-Term Weight Loss

I find that many people trying to lose weight only focus on the weight loss goal. But the ultimate goal is not just weight loss but keeping it off!

At Physicians Premier Weight and Wellness Center, we focus on four phases of your weight loss journey.

  • PHASE 1 – Medical Assessment
    • This is done at the first visit.
    • At this visit, we will do a complete medical assessment that includes a history and brief physical, EKG, and any pertinent labs.
    • We will also perform a body composition analysis and a metabolic test.
    • Having excess weight is a disease. So, it is important to approach it as such.
    • Often, excess weight is the cause of many diseases like Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint pains, acid reflux, and the list goes on. Rather than taking a long list of medications for these, why not put them in remissions with a healthy weight?
    • Excess weight also increases the risk for certain cancers like colon, breast, uterine, and esophageal. A healthier weight can decrease your risk for these cancers.
    • As you continue to lose weight, we will continue to monitor medications, adjust dosages of certain medications if needed while working in conjunction with your regular physicians.

  • PHASE 2 – Weight Loss
    • This is the time when you are actively losing weight.
    • We monitor your fat loss using frequent body composition analysis.
    • We provide frequent ongoing dietary and behavioral counselling to address any struggles you may be experiencing from a nutritional and psychological standpoint.
    • During this time, we will also be doing a lot of teaching about various nutritional and behavioral topics that will help you keep your weight off long term.
    • We will guide you with an exercise plan that fits with your dietary plan.
    • You will also continue to see the physician regularly during this time to monitor your health and any medications.

  •   PHASE 3 – Transition
    • This is when you are close to your weight loss goal-about 5-10 lbs.
    • We start to get you ready for maintenance.
    • We will focus on increasing your level of exercise.
    • You will continue to receive dietary and behavioral counselling, and see the physician, to get you ready for maintenance.

  •    PHASE 4 – Maintenance
    • Now that you have lost weight, it’s time to keep it off!
    • Sometimes, this can be even harder than the weight loss phase.
    • But with the right guidance from us, this is absolutely doable.
    • We continue to see our patients regularly to provide support and accountability.
    • We continue dietary and behavioral counselling to help you continue the good habits that your have learned and help ensure that you integrate them into your lifestyle.
    • We continue to provide exercise guidance which becomes so important in the maintenance phase.
    • We give our patients very specific guidelines keeping the weight off, and if we see any regain, we help nip it in the bud.

So, make this last weight loss clinic you ever go to!  We will make sure you get the weight off in the short term and keep it off in the long term in a manner that works with your lifestyle!